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Erik Vollebregt of Axon Lawyers, Amsterdam

Ronald has unique ways of approaching a problem. He always looks at it from multiple perspectives and is great at seeing what could be lurking around the corner, or which may have been put in a closet out of sight. Personally I like to discuss complex borderline and classification issues with him and he is great at finding practical out-of-the-box solutions for supply chain challenges. Ronald is probably at his best at moments of crisis and mayhem, when a company is struggling to find a way out of a crisis, and I know he’s helped a fair amount of companies steer clear from the brink. 

Ronald is a serious PRRC who will likely help your company achieve new levels of compliance, which he may raise with you unsolicited.

I have also seen Ronald speak at multiple occasions and know from personal experience that he is the kind of instructor that can break complex material into bite size bits and keep the audience engaged.

Ronald will hold your company to high standards and find creative solutions. I am convinced that even if you think your organization if completely up to standards, he will still identify room for improvement and help you become a better company with a more resilient QMS.