Notified body search and selection

Although in general there is more demand for notified body services than they can supply, the peaks of demand are unevenly spread. This means that there are still opportunities for companies to get their devices certified.


This service consists of profiling the company as it is and in the light of its future plans. That profile is matched with the profiles of notified bodies. There are some well known notified bodies, but there may be others that could be a better match for the company. Making a successful match involves more than checking notified body designation codes.


In a next step the company must reach out to notified bodies. Although they all have their standard procedure for inquiries, there is still some bandwidth to make difference in the first impression. Then there are follow up calls, further exchange of information. All that communication must be done with the larger picture in mind, resulting in a consistent and clear message to the notified body. This all helps in accessing a scarce resource.

Get help

Obviously, connecting with a notified body successfully can be done by companies independently. But you may want to rely on someone with experience in this field to guide you through this process. Boumans Regulatory Consulting can help in profiling and connecting with possible notified bodies.

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